Light reading does its job!

I am looking through my light reading book reports that I just got in last week and I had to share.

First of all, if you are a TPRS teacher and you haven’t adopted Bryce Hedstrom’s light reading program… YOU NEED TO. This very moment, you need to go build your library and get it started.

One of my Spanish 3 students that doesn’t have a particularly great attitude about my class just read Agentes Secretos, which is a low level book. He decided to do Report #5 and rate the book and explain why.

Here’s what he wrote:

Rating: 5. I rated this story low because of the ending. The book had a lot going for it, but there was just a bunch of hype for nothing, as the ending was short and didn’t really explain anything. Also, the book repeated the same phrases over and over. By the time the first chapter was over, I had read that the spear was magical about a thousand times. I believe the author wants us to be entertained which I guess as a kid’s book is done relatively well. He does manage to give a decent amount of historical info and geographical info on Spain.

I have to admit that when he complained about the phrases being too repetitive, I secretly cackled. YES, that is the point.

However, the real gem (and reason I’m sharing this) is what he wrote at the bottom of the page. On Book Report #5, Bryce has a quote from Stephen Krashen:

“There is overwhelming research showing that recreational reading in a second language is a powerful means of improving grammar, vocabulary, spelling and writing ability ― and it is far more efficient and far more pleasant than traditional instruction.” ―Stephen Krashen, Taipei Times editorial, Sept. 14, 2004

My student drew me a little arrow and wrote me this message:

I believe so if the story is good. This was way better than what we read as a class.

SUCCESS! My worst attitude student who hates my class and rated his book only 5, still found reading on his own “way better.”

Also, I should add that only 6 of my 14 students in that class finished reading the book that they started (some are reading longer ones than others), and yet this student with his very angry attitude toward me was one of those six. I know I may never be able to get him to like me or Spanish, but… he read it! And even wanted to let me know that he likes light reading better than reading in class.

Happy moment! I only have 3 more quarters with him so I hope he finds some other books he likes from my library while he’s still in my class.


About angelaproto

I'm a Pre-K through 12th grade Spanish teacher in Texas. I never really planned on being a teacher, let alone a foreign language teacher, but here I am. Luckily, I discovered TPRS at the end of my 2nd year of teaching Spanish and then dove all the in for the 2010 school year. I figure as long as I'm a foreign language teacher, I should try to be the best one possible! I meet high school Spanish 1 through 3 every day all year, 6th-8th graders every day for half a year, 1st-5th graders once a week for 45 minutes, and PreK & K for 30 minutes once a week. I also have some seniors doing independent Spanish 4 with me.
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