Good day for stuffed animals!

Today was going to be my Spanish 1’s story day for Chapter 4 Lesson 2 in the new LICT. The structures in the story were “was wearing winter clothes, believed summer clothes weren’t important, & felt like buying his girlfriend a present”.
I collect lots of little stuffed animals to use in stories and today right before class, one of my students stopped me outside my room and said “I bought you a present from the Dollar Store!!!” …It was a little stuffed alien and I immediately thought… this is perfect for today’s story!!

I went into my room and put up some new phrases on the board that most of them sort of knew or were close enough in English (was cold, was cold, was ___ degrees, climate, planet, alien).

I could start my class right away with: “I HAVE A PRESENT. LOOOOOOK. I HAVE A PRESENT FROM SARAH!!!!! I really like my present. It’s my favorite present. Sarah gave me a present!!!!” All extremely exciting, of course. Who doesn’t love a present first thing in the morning?

Here’s a summary of the story that ensued:

Bruna Mars was an alien. She was named that because she lived on Mars. On Mars the climate is different. It’s 23 degrees maximum on Mars, so Bruna always was cold and always was wearing winter clothes. She believed it wasn’t important to have summer clothes because she was always cold. Finally she decided to leave Mars. She arrived on Earth in England in July. It was summer but she was wearing summer clothes. John, an English man, saw her and fell in love, but she did not want a boyfriend. (She wanted Earth cats.) He felt like buying his future-girlfriend a present to impress her. He felt like buying summer clothes because she was wearing winter clothes in July. She told him she believed summer clothes weren’t important. She liked the heat. She left Mars because she didn’t like the cold. His present was a bad idea. She wanted cats, not summer clothes.

And then the bell rang.

What luck that I got that little alien toy today! The student who gave it to me played the part of Bruna. She’s very shy and was hesitant to be the actress but I think she had a blast in the spotlight.

Good day today!


About angelaproto

I'm a Pre-K through 12th grade Spanish teacher in Texas. I never really planned on being a teacher, let alone a foreign language teacher, but here I am. Luckily, I discovered TPRS at the end of my 2nd year of teaching Spanish and then dove all the in for the 2010 school year. I figure as long as I'm a foreign language teacher, I should try to be the best one possible! I meet high school Spanish 1 through 3 every day all year, 6th-8th graders every day for half a year, 1st-5th graders once a week for 45 minutes, and PreK & K for 30 minutes once a week. I also have some seniors doing independent Spanish 4 with me.
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